Still Rockin'

By RockArea


It seems to me that over the last week trees have suddenly been sprouting new leaves like mad and everything looks greener. I took a walk down Humber Lane and took the drone with me. I walked past the lightning tree and put it up to see how these trees would look and this is the shot I liked best.

I've been sorting out the van for a forthcoming trip. On my recent trips I've only slept in the van for a night or two but this time I'll be in it for a week so i'm doing a bit more prep. I haven't done the fresh water tank for a while so I put a load of Milton tablets in. Once I'd filled it with water I went for a drive to slosh it all about a bit and drained it. I don't use the water for drinking, I use a refillable 5 litre container for that, but it's used for washing up and such. 

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