Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Getting to know Porto

After last night’s drama, it was down to earth today, and after last night’s meal in the restaurant in the same building as ours, we began just across the road with a very leisurely breakfast. And then, a wander, concentrating as much as possible on heading for lower levels. We knew in advance that Porto is built on hills, and it sure is.

Our second stop was at an eatery that advertised Francesinha, a Porto “delicacy“ based on crocque monsieur. That out of the way (can’t say we much cared for it), we continued our downwardness and soon found ourselves in the middle of the most well-known visitor attractions. Then we wandered around major road works which are in progress for an extension of the Metro. That led us to stumble on the São Bento railway station which we’d been vaguely aiming for when we set out.

The big thing about the day in general was the terribly strong winds that threatened to uproot the street umbrellas and much else. At least it was warm when sheltered from the wind and it was bright and sunny as well.

We got a taxi back to the apartment from São Bento and ate at home and watched a bit of Netflix.

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