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Studley Grange (Tuesday 19th April 2022)

Having been out in Archie for several days in a row I soon accumulated a big pile of pictures waiting to be dealt with, so I wasn't in a position to post up Tuesday's blip until I'd finished work on the albums made from my trips to Bowood, Calne (on foot) and Lacock. This has now been done, along with this car trip.

On Tuesday I had business in Wootton Bassett so took the opportunity to visit the Wilts & Berks disused canal, first at Templars Firs for a pleasant walk, but as there was very little going on I drove around to the next access point which is called Studley Grange. I could see from the bridge that there was a swan sitting on a nest and her partner was standing guard beside the towpath a little further along. The view in the blip is looking west towards Templars Firs.

Having wandered up to the swan I then set off in the other direction, which since my last visit now has an exit at the far end, leading to Hay Lane. The first thing I saw was a mandarin duck, and then some people walking in the other direction told me they'd seen ducks with sets of ducklings, two with one family and eight with another. They'd also seen a heron.

When I reached the Hay Lane path I discovered that it didn't lead directly to the road but stretched along a field behind Butterfly World And Farm Park and as I'd already walked much further than I'd intended and still had stuff to do, I saved that for another day. I did see the heron on the way back but couldn't get a shot of it.

Friday 22.4.2022 (1144 hr)

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Taken with Pentax K-50 (Red) and Sigma AF 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro HSM lens

Wilts & Berks Walks, Templars Firs And Studley Grange (Flickr album of 30 photos)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Panic Shack - Who's Got My Lighter? (2020)
Missed this universal philosophical conundrum two years ago, but I heard Panic Shack on the radio playing it live at the 6 Music Festival 2022 in Cardiff.

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