By CreativeCarol

Cookbook Heaven

Has anyone ever innocently started a collection? After my Library photo from yesterday, I am continuing the theme of books.

I received my very first cookbook from my Grandmother at my Bridal Shower 33 years ago. "Betty Crocker's Cookbook" . Even though my cooking has gone beyond the simple meat and potatoes, I still go back to this cookbook for basics!

I never thought that I would love to read cookbooks. The pictures and all the extra interesting information in cookbooks today make them a very good read. I promised my husband several years ago that I would stop buying cookbooks and I stopped the four cooking magazine subscriptions that I had. (my count had creeped up to 150 cookbooks, yikes!) Even so, the cookbooks still keep coming. Christmas alone brought 4 new cookbooks as gifts from family and friends. This picture is of the shelfs above my desk in my kitchen and they only show a third of the books. I truly need to give away some cookbooks....but what if I need that recipe!

I leave you with a recipe from the cookbook that I have from my Great - Grandmother who lived in East Bangor, Pennsylvania. She supplied many of the recipes in this church cookbook.

A Happy Day Recipe

A heart full of thankfulness, A thimbleful of care;
A soul of simple hopefulness, An early morning prayer;
A smile to greet the morning with, A kind word as the key
To open the door and greet the day, Whate'er it brings to thee;
A patient trust in Providence, To sweeten all the way.
All these combined with thoughtfulness, Will make a happy day.

Have a Happy Day!

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