Another Airborne Photo

It had to be really, very few photographs taken today, Sunday.
Of course, the journey started on Saturday. My friend, another Dave, Checked out of the hotel and got the shuttle bus to LAX for our flights. He off to Florida, and I bound for UK.
This was at 11:00 so by the time we got there, and went our separate ways, I checked in and went through security and had a 5 hour wait before my flight was due to board.
Boarding was 5:30pm, which was 02:30am in the UK.
a 10 hour flight, in economy, is quite arduous, and I got little sleep, about 3 hours I think on and off.
Just before I took this photo, as we were descending into LHR, I said to the little Italian boy sitting next to me with his mother "Look at the clouds". He doesn't 'do' English but caught the drift. "Mama, (something in Italian)".  His father, who was in front with the boys older brother, turned and told me that he was saying "it looks like sugar candy" what we would call Candy Floss. He was such a lovely boy, not a moments fuss during that long flight.
I did rather like this photograph though but I promise, no aircraft/flying photos tomorrow!
Anyway, safely home and off to bed at 10.30pm my body has been up for two days but still thinks it's only 2.30pm on Sunday!
Night Night everyone.

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