Another corner of my garden. How lazy is that.. 

This is special, so pin back your ears. 

The bench is from my late mother's garden. (Not sure why they use that phrase, she was always on time, bless her)

She bought it at a garden fete and had it delivered. It is made from the remains of an old ox cart and cost her a lot of money. She had one sister and three brothers. All the brothers have died now, the latest was my Uncle Denis who was 6' 5" tall and served in the navy during WWll. On submarines!!

After the war Denis joined the police force and served out his time as a Sergeant, a man with presence and who commanded great respect from friend, and foe.

I have a picture of mum, Denis and sister Christine. Just before mum died. I also have a picture of mum and Christine sitting on the bench under her apple tree, which I used to help her pick. She made splendid apple crumbles!

Christine is still alive and very active, I am pleased to say. 

The bench means a lot to me. Shot in black and white for the textures, there is not much colour on this corner of the garden yet.

I took the Jag to fill up with petrol today, ready for a big day out next weekend. I got very emotional, just started filling up... 

I was asked by the cashier if I had a choice of a beautiful woman or a car, which would I go for?

I thought about it and said, 'definitely petrol, with diesel at these prices...' 

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