Transient Light

You'll have to bear with me for an explanation about this.

We've got a new roller blind on order for the downstairs cloakroom (by the way mrsfb suggested we pay the extra £4 for incorrect measurement insurance, such is her faith in me) and we also now need a new light fitting as the plasterer broke the existing one. In the meantime I thought the reflection of the free dangling bulb in the bare window made a good abstract, a little bit ghostly looking and definitely transient as its days are numbered. Despite lots of attempts with different cameras, lenses and settings I couldn't capture the way it looked to me straight out of camera so I have added a bit more of a ghost effect from Topaz. I like it, but then I know what I was trying to do :-)

In other news we have been to Cheltenham today. Mrsfb had her hair done (don't ask how much it cost!) and then had an eye test. The optometrist was really nice and gave us a lot of reassurance that her eyes are not in as bad a condition as we thought. Her reading prescription hasn't changed and she doesn't need distance glasses. Also the glaucoma is fully under control.

In between we had a KFC. Living the dream.

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We're Done

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