Sun .........

 ............ rise over some trees - complete with a slice of moon and a random birdie.

Smile for the Day:

A shaolin disciple of several years seeks out his master as he is in deep meditation, seeking enlightenment:

" Master, forgive my intrusion but I require your aid.  I have not managed to progress at my techniques for months now! "

After a moment of silence, the wise master calmly speaks

" Have you witnessed the blue moon light up the darkest depths of the ocean? "

" Yes, master! " said the disciple enthusiastically.

" Have you witnessed the wind mercilessly slash at the unfaltering tree, only to help it grow more resilient? "

" Yes, master! "

" And have you witnessed the chilling water break against an immovable stone, seemingly accomplishing nothing? "

" Yes, master! "

After another brief silence, the wise master slowly opens his eyes and exhales: " Well there's your problem... You keep looking at random nonsense instead of training! "


~ Anni ~

This is Monday uploaded on Friday ............

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