A little Geum

We're home !
And spent the remainder of the day doing absolutely zilch. 
And why.....well we've been under a lot of stress since 1.57am (precisely) this morning.  Sound asleep, when something awakened me from my slumber - my phone which was on silent but it was vibrating and lighting up continuously.  I ignored it initially but as it continued I looked at it and shucks my heart went into my mouth......it was the security alarm at home, once it goes off an alert goes to my phone, then if not turned off the alert call goes to my neighbour.  Then my neighbour kept ringing finally I cottoned on to what was going on and answered it.  He had forgotten his pin number and wanted mine. I didn't want him going into our house just incase we had been burgled and the culprits were still in our house.  Finally, when they got here (like its not right next door, we live in the country) the alarm stopped.  He checked all the windows and doors and reported to us that nothing was smashed and all looked OK inside, he said he would check in the daylight. I googled and found out that generally household alarms will screech for 15 to 20 minutes, which was about right according to my phone times.
As you can imagine, we were really worried and anxious so no sleeping from that time on.
We left Janelle's place at 8am for the airport, and landed here at 10.30, home to find everything indoors was as we  left it, phew.
The alarm company are coming out to check the sensors next week, he suggested a bug or spider, not uncommon he said.  Gracious me !

Early to bed tonight as will our neighbours I suspect , they were so stoic and brave. Im trying to think of a thank you gift for them. 



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