By pandammonium

Gate crashing

I drove up north yesterday. Dear me, don’t ask about my journey. Suffice to say, I got there in the end.

I went to Riverside parkrun this morning. I got there an hour early – don’t ask – so I helped with pre-event set-up, earning myself a volunteer credit in the process. Only one to go before I earn a purple t-shirt.

The last match of the season was played in the afternoon. My brother was going to watch it in the pub, so me and my mam gave him a lift, then gate-crashed. We said hello to his friends, one of whom I know from school, then sat elsewhere so as not to cramp his style.

We played rubbish, but we won, so we’re in the playoffs – again. We need to up our game if we’re ever to get promoted out of this league.

In the evening, we went to the bar in a hotel next to the stadium for the NCN that was rescheduled after being cancelled due to Covid. It was a quiet one, with many people absent, but it was nice to catch up with those who did come.

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