Craig's Journal

By CraigD

Grey Heron

The young one spotted me from the dovecote this morning. She flew down and was waiting for me at the entrance, The crow came over just as I arrived. I gave a bit of fish to the crow and the young one had the rest then flew back to the nest area after first stopping back on the dovecote.
This afternoon there was a bit of a gathering at the picnic area. There were about 30 people around so I was just about as surprised as them when the young one flew over them and landed at my feet about 50 yards away from them. A family on their way out commented on how amazing it was that out of everyone around she picked me out and landed at my feet. The crow landed too but it was only me that spotted that I think. It was chopped raw sardines this afternoon which they both enjoyed. When she was finished she went back to the nest area and the crow followed me up the hill until I gave it a couple of dog biscuits. 

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