Eye to Eye

By HilarysView

Bouquetin Blip Birthday Present …

… for all the blip folks who like these, the biggest of Alpine animals! I jokingly had said to my friends, “I need a bouquetin on our walk today!” An hour later we were walking up steeply towards a herd of big males! There were ten of them relaxing under the cliffs on the way to Anzeindaz. We were the only people walking in this area today, much still covered in snow especially on the way to the Pas de Cheville. We saw marmots, chamois and even an eagle in the cliffs above the bouquetin. Alpine anemone, gentians and crocuses are all popping out as soon as the snow melts from an area. What a fantastic first walk of the hiking season. Quite a few extras so you can share more of the walk!

Thanks to all the amazing people at Blip Central who keep this site going and very special thanks, to so many of you who keep encouraging me to go out in the hills to share our beautiful Alpine environment with you. I hope I can keep going a bit longer!

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