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By madwill

Trapped And Helpless

A little how I feel today - after a poor night’s sleep - youngest granddaughter would not settle last night,  finally falling asleep way after 9 p.m. so we were then able to pack eldest off to bed by 9:30… and then, joy of joys, they were up and running about at 05:30…. and I had to get up just after 6 for the breakfast shift.

In the morning we took them to the park in Boston Spa for a run around and then we walked to the shops to get some bits for lunch….

After lunch we played in the garden - with the new bubble machines - before taking them home late afternoon….I fell asleep at their house - and could barely keep awake on the journey home, just as well I am no longer allowed to drive!!

I spotted this poor ladybird hanging by a thread of web inside the window of the back door….managed to get a torch to light it up - but even so the shutter speed was a bit slow and it was swinging about. Too tired to get big camera and macro lens out….

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