Musings of a Suffolk boy

By tractorboydan

Back to work...

And so it was back to work for me today. The holiday feels well and truly over now.

I arrived at my desk only to be welcomed by over 300 pieces of damaged stock - obviously the simple idea of getting even a few of the many capable people within the warehouse to sort damaged stock between them as and when it arrived didn't cross the mind of 'management' on the undoubtedly countless times they must have walked past my desk each day.

As anyone reading this who has an email account for work will already know, when you go away you tend to put your out of office auto-reply on, just to make sure that anyone who tries to contact you is aware that you are not in work, and you tend to direct them to an alternate person within the reply so that their query is dealt with. Obviously you same people will also know that the use of such a feature is utterly pointless, as more often than not the people that send you emails continue to do so throughout the week, despite having seen the auto-reply several times by a couple of days in. I kid you not, that my auto-reply stated that I will be back in work on Wednesday 17th April, and that from then I would be able to deal with queries again, yet I still had an email dated Monday 15th (from someone that had already emailed me before the weekend when I was away, and therefore unquestionably had seen the auto-reply) that simply read "Are you back yet?"

All in all a very moan-filled blip today. Fortunately, I did have badminton to look forward to straight after work with three close friends from work, hence the picture. We always enjoy a good game of 'minton', as I call it, playing doubles weekly - and it's always more enjoyable when you win, as we did!

Back in to the running routine as of tomorrow morning - awake at 0500, up by 0520, and out the house by 0530 for a 2.5 miler before work.

Happy days...

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