tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Bounty hunting

Our nearest Recycling Centre is one of my happy places where all manner of discarded stuff can be purloined for re-use. Not so good in recent years though since videocams were installed to check that the workers weren't profitting on the side - as of course one would expect them to. Today though I got the nod straight away when I asked if I could take some carpet offcuts for ground cover and I didn't even have to pretend to be a community garden this time ( which I am sort of, since I give lots of produce away.)

I noticed that Old Boney's dog has been reduced to a skeleton too, but a fully rigged sailing ship and a metal bird  accompany them. Perhaps a voyage is planned  and they're just waiting for a runcible spoon to turn up in the rubbish.

Later,  I went down to the woods where there are carpets too - of bluebells. But my intention was to feast my eyes on the early purple orchids. Bluebells shimmer but  long purples glow as if they have absorbed the light and  are reflecting it back like internal radiance.
Mission accomplished.

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