The Drawing Room Chandelier and Languages.

No! Not ours. I am fairly certain we do not have a chandelier or a drawing room.

Saturday volunteering at Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse. More volunteers than normal were required as a coach tour from Birmingham National Trust Members Group were calling to see around the property.

It is interesting to watch how the various groups explore the property. Some will enjoy the house. Some will concentrate on the gardens. Some will ask questions and initiate a conversation. Some will pass through very quickly and then enjoy our specialist coffee Barrista who is serving a wide range of coffee in the courtyard.

Of course, all are welcomed.

For part of time I was in the Billiard Room. We encouraged the Billiard Table to be used and a hard fought contest between two friends was unfolding as visitors entered the room.

It is a great pleasure to see the table in use and of course there was quite some banter between the two contestants and yours truly. The conversation was in Fife Scots which of course is very different from the English of Birmingham.

The players are visitors and I could see that there were many puzzled Birmingham faces as they listened to me swapping between two languages.

The Billiard Room is large enough to allow the game to continue as the other visitors enjoy the room and hear the story of the various exhibits.

All of this in no way explains why today’s entry features the chandelier and the ceiling of the Drawing Room which is French in style and contains the French furniture collection.

Our visitors enjoyed the day, one or two remarking that they had no idea of how beautiful Scotland was and also how big it is.

They enjoyed the coffee as well.

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