By JohnW

Spadgy’s Bath time

Or “Not now Biskit”
This afternoon I noticed a young spadgy taking a bath in our water feature.  He/she was having a wonderful time at the top of the waterfall with the water washing through the feathers (and other places).
A quick rush to get the camera, poked the lens through the fly screen and ‘click’ accompanied with the said spadgy slipping off into the pond below.  Lots of annoyed splashing and a quick change to video mode, but the spadgy had made it back on top by then (upper pool this time, safer . . . ).  Of course Biskit was curious as to what Grampy was photographing (and not him) so out he goes to look, and spadgy takes off - never mind, just take a look here.
Biskit’s obligatory photo has been relegated to extras.  Serves him right for bombing my video.  I’m being given the standard look of ‘For heaven’s sake get a move on, I’m wet and cold out here . . .”

ps - this clip came up on the same page as my clip - well worth a look.

and this one, will it ever end . . .  

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