By NinjaShoe

It never rains it pours

Anna and I took Jess out for a walk and got caught in 15 minutes of relentless, heavy rain that lifted this drain cover.  It was quite a surprise as there has been no rain for about 2 weeks... but goodness knows the garden needed it.  I went out for another walk later with Sarah and Kerri and the sun shone!

In much more preoccupying news for me traveller Sophia has been very poorly ever since they arrived in Belize and last night it was confirmed she has typhoid!  Ben, and us at home, have been worried for a week as the original diagnosis was food poisoning/gastroenteritis but it just wasn't getting better.  Yesterdays Dr was shocked how severely dehydrated she was and hooked her up to a drip for a while (see extra), but Ben says today that she's recovering with the antibiotics.  

Disappointingly they are not able to do the diving course that they had planned & paid for and they may be stuck in expensive Belize for a while whilst Sophia recuperates.  Ben is trying to contact the travel insurance company, the bank and the student loan people for various reasons but is frustratingly in an area where he can't get through to UK on the phone.  It all seems like a bit of a nightmare atm.

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