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Clouds on the horizon

I'm going to start with today's photo - because taking it was the very first thing I did when I got out of bed this morning. Actually I have to open the curtains first, because the mornings are so light and when the sun appears (it didn't this morning, not till later) it shines straight onto my face as I sleep (unless I'm lying, fatally for my back, on my right side). I hate having my curtains shut, but in the summer it's a necessity. Anyway, I opened them on the sight of one of the inadequate ferries heading for the pier against this dramatic cloudscape. 

I'd had good intentions for this morning, but a variety of stresses conspired against them/me and I ended up phoning my sister instead, just for a blether. At least I got the bread into the machine first. Later the sun came out and despite continuing suggestions of drizzle I washed and hung out every towel in the house, as well as Himself's Tilley hat, which was looking a bit sad. Judging by the long-range weather forecast for northern Italy we'll need the shady hats in a couple of weeks ...

After coffee I expiated my earlier sloth by getting into the en suite shower and cleaning it from top to bottom including the runners for the sliding doors and that bit at the bottom of the doors which you keep thinking is clean but find you can't actually see through for soap scale. Our tap water leaves pink stains on the shower tray and the sealant round it; Himself used to think my hair colouring was to blame, but it isn't. Wrong colour.

Much, much later, when it was almost teatime, we went out for a walk round Toward Point. I actually took some photos of bluebells and wild garlic, because there's a lot of both about, but there'll be more, I'm sure. We walked two miles and chatted to a couple who were staying close to where we'll be in Italy and whose enthusiasm reassured me that though it cannot possibly be as it was 60 years ago it's still a lovely place. 

I've just finished watching The Imitation Game, which I'd recorded the other week. What a good film - I knew the extraordinary story, but this was so well acted and brought out with dreadful clarity the inhumane treatment of gay men while I was growing up. Anyone who looks back with sentimental longing on the halcyon times of the 50s needs to see this and reflect. No wonder my gay contemporaries felt so wounded by their youth.

And of course the ten o'clock news reminded us that the clouds on the horizon have already burst in Ukraine, and I'm reminded, yet again, of the lines in a hymn: the clouds ye so much dread/are big with mercy, and shall break/in blessings on your head.

 If only.

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