Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Busy-ish day today.  Had to go to the village again to pick up another parcel at the Post Office.  When I got home did a quick turnaround and headed out in a different direction to the Co-op.  I had a lot of plastic bags to put in their recycling bin.  They are the only nearby shop to have one of these bins. I also did some shopping while I was there.  The shop was quite busy.

Back home again to assemble what was in today's parcel..... a new window hammock for Tino and Lily. ( The old hammock was looking a bit worn so I decided to treat them to a new one. )  After putting it together I stuck it on to the front window ( using 4 large suction pads - hopefully it will stay in place ).  Lily especially likes to lounge in the hammock in the mornings when the sun shines at the front of the house.

My Silly Saturday blip is a small chocolate treat I got for myself.  A while back I ordered a few large Bizarre chocolate bars from local firm ChocolateSmiths to give as gifts and added this little one to the order for myself.  I couldn't  resist it any longer and ate it today. Some might say its a rather strange combination of flavours but I enjoyed it - although the taste was a bit too mild.  ( It must be a popular bar as its sold out on the website at the moment ).  Thanks to davidc for hosting the challenge in memory of Admirer.

Steps today - 11,523

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