By PicturePoems

"Designed in Lincolnshire, England"

... just like me!

Although my title is what was printed on this little tin that I bought today, it was - of course - Made in China! Hmm. Well, when I was growing up in the 1950s and '60s, they said that 'every third child is Chinese'. As the youngest of three in my family, I claimed that meant I was Chinese!

The tin will hold my blunt wool needles that are so easy to lose. There were several (Lincolnshire) designs to choose from. All were delightful. The needles on a hedgehog's back seemed a fitting reminder of its future use. Talking of hedgehogs, Family B created a hedgehog house in their garden and, having spotted hedgehog poo on the lawn, they're pretty confident it's in use. Smaller bore poo (if I might describe it that way) indicates the possibility of young. Hope so!

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