By PicturePoems

Escaping the water tray

Little Miss B is very fond of snails and will often be walking round the garden, snail in hand (as here in my Extra), looking for somewhere nice to put the 'nail'. This is a different snail - a short time later - that I think must have been surprised to emerge from its shell to discover it was on the rim of a water tray. (Probably better than the sand tray nearby!) I leaned the lid against the side to give it an escape route, which it used with great rapidity. (Snails in danger aren't slow at all.) Then I placed the lid in a leafy area at the edge of the garden, and off it went.

Busy day! Family B were visiting friends so we took the opportunity to do a few jobs for them that the constant presence of a two-year-old makes tricky. I cleaned the guinea pigs. Mr PP cleaned the fridge and fixed a poorly toy. Did two wash-loads and pegged them out in the lovely warm sunshine. Sorted LMB's toys out - mainly a case of putting together like-things - bricks in the brick box, playfood and toy crocks in the toy kitchen area, cars with cars, balls with balls, etc. My favourite bit was sorting out the dolls' house. Playing with it, you ask? No, of course not (!) Oh, and I did some ironing, too. They came home to a lovely tidy house, and even LMB seemed to enjoy finding her toys tidy, but just as accessible. She gave a tea party to her wiggly slugs and centipedes. As you do!

Think we'll sleep well tonight! Hope the family does, too.

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