a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Just a tree ...

I had vaguely hoped that the weather conditions would be good for a sunrise photo, but when I checked at 5am this morning the cloud conditions meant that the light would be pretty dull and flat, so I enjoyed the luxury of a lie-in instead.

Cathy and I had booked that very rare thing for us, Sunday lunch at a pub.  The pub came highly recommended and was about 4 miles away, so we had a very pleasant morning's walk over the local fields and hills to reach it.  Our walk was made slightly longer than we had anticipated by the farmer that had only recently plowed a very large field that our route would have crossed.  There was, of course, no sign of a footpath, so we walked around the edge of the field instead and took a different route which added an extra mile.

I think Cathy was therefore quite pleased when finally got to the pub, just minutes before our table reservation.  Any anxiety was soon forgotten.  The food and service were excellent and the company so convivial (that's me in case you are wondering) that weary feet and joints were soon a thing of the past.

Our walk home through patchy sunshine was without incident (or any greater photographic opportunity than this tree).  Strangely Sunday Lunch, a pudding, and something to drink really cheer the spirits for the return journey!

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