By Veronica


VE day today, so in every commune in France there was a ceremony at the Monument aux morts. When we first moved here there would always be a crowd, because for many people in the village it was a living memory, and the schoolchildren were obliged to come and attempt to sing the Marseillaise unaccompanied (not easy). Today there were about a dozen people. Our mayor Serge reminded us that on 8 May 1945 our neighbour Fernand (now deceased) and his friend Gilbert climbed up the clocktower to fly the tricolore.

Afterwards there was the obligatory aperitif at the bar. Well, I say aperitif, it lasted till well after 3, with only a few bits of salami and cheese for sustenance. I confess I was obliged to go and have a siesta afterwards. Meanwhile S was in Tarascon talking to shepherds. And sheep. He was a bit shocked to find us still drinking and chatting when he got back.

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