By dogwithnobrain

Tiptoe through the tulips

Check me out!

Socialising two days on the trot.

I may have to lay down for a wee while.

marchmont came to visit me at my Allotment…

A did not come specifically to see my allotment; she came to visit her cousin, and very kindly made time in her schedule to fit me in; despite me cancelling and then sleeping late.

We met at the Fullerton House car park; Tis very lovely to show Fullerton woods off; is very pretty.

We sat and chatted for ages with the added excitement of an old friend stopping to tell me some lovely news and some not so lovely news

The not so lovely news meant I had to explain to A that the lovely F who came to speak to me had two timed me with my boyfriend which resulted in some pretty poor behaviour from me… - after her poor behaviour to me….

But we both got over it, made up and took our revenge on him.

Oh how we all laughed.

Dearie me. The things we do when we are young

Anyhooos. After coffee and chat we walked to the plot and I displayed my beautiful plots and my beautiful Si. We had a wee wander and all too soon it was time for A to climb back in her car and head back home

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