By dogwithnobrain

Roses are Red My Love

I have had an abundance of tulips gifted to me this last couple of weeks. They are very beautiful.

I was going to photograph my wisteria today as I think it is at optimum beauty… I took a couple of shots but forgot to check them - my manual setting was set for night - I had two Glorious shots of white light.

Two things concerned me today… number one was a member of the Russian cabinet speaking to Kay Burley this morning… he was so earnest in his statement that Russia was defending itself not attacking that I became feart that maybe we are being lied too.

Then I listened to Putin start his May Day Speech. He is deluded - he is - he has to be. But where did all the soldiers and sailors Come from - I thought that they were all fighting… but there were hundred of them.

But on the bright side. I have been sending round my friends a recording of me singing I will always love you. The reaction has been mixed to say the least.

From ‘amazing’ to ‘holy f*^k’ to hysteria

Maybe I shouldn’t sing it at K’a wedding

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