Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

The Feathers

We left home early afternoon with it pouring with rain, but by the time we'd driven the 70 minutes to Ludlow (Shropshire, UK) it was dry and the sun was occasionally poking out from behind a cloud.

Ludlow is a beautiful old town with some stunning Tudor and Stuart period buildings, one of which is the fabulous The Feathers Hotel (1619 AD) which has amazing wooden architecture. An ideal one for this weeks W-I-D-E on Wednesday with the theme of 'architecture'

I popped into Ross on Wye on the way home to drop off a film for processing. It was the first time since living here nearly two years that I've seen the face of the lovely female assistant as she wasn't wearing a COVID mask! They're now back to 9-5. With no passenger locator forms or proof of vaccinations needed for a forthcoming greek island holiday, it could be said the COVID pandemic seems to be over! No doubt some will disagree.

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