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Bare necessities

Today has been unutterably dreary. The rain came on mid-morning, it's chilly, and apart from a brief foray into the garden to hang out a wet e-cloth - in vain, given the rain; I'd better just get it in again - I've not been over the door all day. 

This is limbo with a vengeance. We are part of a group booking for the flight on Saturday, so online checking in could well be problematic. I'm about ready to go now, but that's for the early morning. (Delight). The afternoon was taken up by an online Vestry meeting at which I found it difficult to stay focussed because I was fretting about the rucksack which forms the tedious subject of today's blip.

On these walking holidays, the rucksack is vital. However, it is also not very large, and I like to make sure I have the things in it that would see me through a night or two without my main luggage, should that particular horror materialise. And it's horribly full. I was on the point of chucking out my thin waterproof jacket (but it's needed on walks). And then I remembered the really old Greek sandals that lurk, just waiting for when they're needed as an alternative to boots in a hotel. The really old ones are much, much thinner than the more recent replacement ones. 

Situation saved. Next crisis?

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