By dogwithnobrain

Oooos up inside your head

This morning at 740 I vacuumed under the bed.

Such a house proud woman I hear you say; not really; my neighbour drilled the wall at 830 last Saturday and that was pay back.

In actual fact I had been laying on the floor last night (don’t ask) and noticed a layer of about half an inch of dust lying. I was mortified.

Guess what!!!!! We heard the Hum tonight. The trees were blowing in the back and I opened the window to see and there it was.

Now that I’ve heard it; I don’t think it’s a sad whale (yes that was one of the suggestions ), or a nuclear reactor…

I’d say based on the fact that it only appears when the wind is blowing and it’s only started within the last six weeks…

It’s either the wind blowing thru the big wheel which was erected ; or the scaffolding on the beach front flats.

Nothing any more sinister

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