By dogwithnobrain

Listen, I’m getting impatient John

So, can I just tell you how much I love my husband ?

In town there is a building frenzy because of ‘the hum’

Everyone hears the hum (apparently). I haven’t.

Facebook is alive with stories of what is causing it : wind thru the masts (you’d think as a marina town for over 40 years we’d be used to it ) wind blowing thru a bio-filter??? ; wind blowing thru scaffolding; someone’s nuclear reactor????? A dredger? (Last time I looked there wasn’t one anywhere near harbour.

So at 2210 tonight I stood up and said ‘come on, we are going to find the hum’

Himself stood up, switched the tv off and followed me out the room; into the hall; onto the kitchen and into the garden.

“Is this as far as we are going?” He asked

“Yeah, where did you think I was going? I said.

He just shook his head and smiled. He had been prepared to put his shoes on and drive me round town just to see if I could find it

What a bloody sweetheart I married!

Further to my keyboard cleaning I am
Now the owner of this splodgy stuff which cleans keyboards. Is amazing m

You should have seen the shit I lifted from my mouse (my keyboard is spotless having been ripped apart yesterday)

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