Home Again...

I had a wonderful time at my daughter and son-in-law's and thoroughly enjoyed my days of country living, enhanced by not once watching or listening to the news! 

I arrived home yesterday afternoon to a lonely cat, empty bird-feeders, thistles in the lawn, dandelions, and the sounds of home - traffic noise from the 401, police sirens, a neighbour's yapping dog, but also birdsong.. and, quel surpris...a garden beginning to bloom - grape hyacinths, forget-me-nots, and violets. I was amazed at how different the garden looked..so much green, and so much more colour out there than when I left - and I was only gone for three days! Mother Nature is no slouch! 

Today was mostly spent settling in to being back home, with the usual tasks related to unpacking, laundry, garbage day, grocery shopping library pick-up, and placating the cat. (Combings were in order as were naps together.) 

And, there has been important progress on the medical front.....I was barely back in the house from my trip home yesterday when the phone rang  - a call from the surgeon's office to give me the date of my surgery - which is 4 weeks from now...I was quite surprised at the speed that things are moving... phone consultation with the surgeon one day, a surgery date the next? Whew..at least now I can make plans around that date...and try to stop thinking and talking about it! 

And I guess it is also time now to turn on CNN again and find out just how badly things are going out there in the real world...It was nice to take a break from it all, but....

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