There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Stone Valley

Some of you who are familiar with Penn State may know that they own property all over the place. One of the sites operated by Penn State is Stone Valley, around Lake Perez, about 30 minutes south of State College.

Those who were around since the very early 80s can tell you how far the traffic was backed up when they held the Sy Barash Regatta here then; how people waited in their cars for hours and had to hike in for a mile or two to get to the lake!

Stone Valley does not have a swimming beach, but it does have little cabins for rent. You can go fishing and boating there, as the couple in this photo appear to be doing. It is also a place that is fun for a girl (and her husband and Tiger!) to simply walk around and take in the sights!

In honor of the Stone in the name, I'm picking a soundtrack tune by the Rolling Stones. Here they are with Time Is On My Side. (By the way, this song is used very effectively in the horror/thriller film Fallen, starring Denzel Washington, which I highly recommend.)

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