Little Green Jewel

We have two feeders out for hummingbirds now: one hanging on a line above the deck and a second in the meadow, hanging from a tree. I always dreamed of having hummingbirds. We now have several frequent visitors who provide us with enjoyment and entertainment.

The little birds are often very active around dusk. The male makes quick visits; the females stay longer, and drink deep. The other evening, I saw two females sharing the feeder as dusk fell, and then the male would come by and chase them off. Territorial little fella!

The male likes to sit on one of the wires out front in the evening, and he looks so cute there, so tiny compared to the other, bigger birds. But he is brave and curious, and he cuts quite a figure sitting there, a tiny bird against the big sky.

I can tell you about a thing I have seen but not photographed yet, just to make you jealous. The other evening, my husband said, "Look! LOOK! There is your little bird!"

And I looked out the bedroom window to see this little fella feeding from the purple lilac blooms. Oh my! It was everything I ever wanted it to be: a vision from a sweet summer dream. . . .

I need a song for a jewel, so here is one BY Jewel. Let's pick a favorite, shall we? Here is Jewel, with You Were Meant for Me.

Tip for hummingbird food: Please do not buy that pre-processed red stuff for your birds or put red dye in ANYthing for them. All they need is sugar and water. I heat the water in the microwave until it's zippy-hot, and then I stir in the sugar and let it cool. The proper ratio is 4 (water) to 1 (granulated white sugar, NOT honey!).

Tip for changing out feeders: Be sure to wash your feeders thoroughly between each fill. Early in the year, when it's still cool, I change them out a little more often than once a week. When it gets hot-hot-hot, they should be changed every two or three days, to keep the food from going bad.

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