Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Post Corona

We're certainly living in a new era of the Roaring Twenties; with Putin's war raging in Ukraine what costs countless people their lives and we all all over the world hold our breath about what Putin will do when he realises this war doesn't bring him what he wants from it. 
Will he practise his threat of using the nuclear bomb? And what will trigger him to do so? People who analyzed and analyse him know his mind is like a ticking bomb. I hope and count on someone who will defuse that bomb of his.

Thank you all for your reactions of concern on my yester blip.

Here today's picture of a taverna in Delft where the sign reads that they're looking for colleagues to help them out... such signs are found at many taverna's all over the country since they opened up two months ago after the lockdowns for Covid. Lots of the workers in taverna's and restaurants were dismissed during the lockdowns and many of them changed their careers since; so now there's shortage of personal, especially in the catering industry.

Have a good Sunday you all! 

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