Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

More fireworks

It was an uneventful trip home which is always a good trip.  I did however pass a mobile speed detector (driving along the M1)  I haven't seen them on the road before but it caused a bottleneck while people slowed down and were hesitant to pass it.  I am not sure whether it was measuring peoples speed as it was going along or whether it was simply going from A to B as it were. 

I did a quick bit of shopping once I got home to restock milk and the like and drove past Nobbys only to find a high tide and a brisk Southerly swell.   When this happens, the waves break over the footpath and it is good for fishing Ludericks.  The chap in the back is doing just that.

I had shots of another couple (see extra) and then these children came along.   The girl had a 2345 dB shriek (did you hear it across the ditch?) but they were having a lot of fun running away from the breaking waves.  The boy of course stood his ground more than the girl.

There were also an unusual assortment of people going past including a woman on a unicycle.   She had headphones on but I could hear the music and she was concentrating intensely, no eye contact or smile for the tog.   My evil self hoped a huge wave would break as she went past (she went past three times) but the gods were on her side.  She was also moving a bit fast for me to catch any good shots of her. I am naughty aren't I.

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