By Ingeborg


My Dutch teacher of Abstract Photography (a lovely course but unfortunately all in Dutch) was and still is rather strict in her ideas about what is an abstract and what not. For her abstracts need to have a clear focus point, so need to be sharp, yet also need to be a mystery, something that makes you look for longer to figure out what you're looking at, if that is at all possible. She is also not very keen on extra post-processing besides the regular fine tuning of levels, saturation and cropping or rotating :-) Don't worry, I don't have the same ideas regarding abstracts and if you Google Abstract Photography you will find that there is really no absolute definition that the whole Art Photography world adheres to when it comes to Abstract Photography. However this idea that an abstract image needs to be some kind of mystery is one that  I do like and thus my suggestion for this coming Thursday's optional theme is indeed 'mystery'. Make an image/take a shot that will make people wonder what they are looking at :-) I don't care if you do it almost straight out of camera or edit it or use apps as long as it was taken and made this coming Thursday and it is not immediately recognisable. Thursday's tag will be AT360.

Thanks so much for all the entries last week, most of them to the theme 'lines'. You all were very creative ! here's the list of  special entries:
AH14inbw                  lines, light and shadow
SeriousFrolic             golden glass manifestations lines
suejay50                    subtle petal lines
AnnieBelle                 gilded plant lines
DonnaWanna             tail lines

Looking forward to your entries this Thursday :-) Oh and my image of this Blip is taken looking up to a brown towards golden coloured plant pot standing in a window sill with windows of enforced patterned glass to lighten a staircase in the other house. I've rotated the image 180 degrees.

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's Japanese little sculpture

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