Keith B

By keibr

Spring Blossom

These lovely blossoms have just opened on our wild plum tree. They are really the reason we keep the tree, because the plums are few, and slightly sour, but the flowers are so uplifting on a sunny day.
The main activites of the day have all been directed towards our upcoming trip to Britain. I cleaned out bits and pieces in the camper van and also took out some stuff we'll be using as we travel, charging blocks and similar. Clothes are chosen and packed. Planning what to take with you can be a bit tricky at this time of year when summer can arrive (I've just seen pictures of  people sunbathing in a London park.) but cold weather can also make a reappearence. We both feel a little out of practice with travelling after so long when it wasn't possible!
In some ways it's a pity to leave Sweden and our home as the spring bursts into action and summer approaches. On the other hand it's usually a lovely time in the UK, and we are going to be meeting a lot of family, some of whom we haven't seen since pre-covid times.
We'll be leaving the White Nights behind us too. Last night we watched the end of the Eurovision Song Contest and noticed that before dusk really ended the sky had started getting lighter again - dawn had arrived at about 1 o´clock! There are still one or two stars visible at the darkest time but soon the stars will remain invisible until the end of July.
We don't leave on our travels for a couple of days yet but those days are filled with political activity, especially for Jan, so in some ways it will be a relief to get on the road and leave the responsibilities behind us.
Backblipped the last two days too...   Just saying.

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