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By keibr

Miniature World

Most of today was spent indoors, avoiding the dull weather, cold, and rain. Some time ago, when the forecast was for sun, sun, sun, we had promised ourselves that when it rained we would clean up the downstairs of our house, and as the rain came sluicing down we set to. Partly it was needed because every now and again one needs to do a really thorough clean up - a spring clean! Partly it was the pandemic, because with no-one visiting the piles tend to grow and grow, and who cares about a bit of dust!  
It was an extremely satisfying job because there was such a clear difference between the before and after.
By the time the clean-up was complete it had stopped raining and I went out to take a look at the garden, the mini greenhouse, and the seeds Jan set in pots a couple of days ago. All was well. As  I walked around in the garden a spot of yellow on a rock caught my eye. When I investigated it was the patch of yellow lichen in the center of my blip.  As always when I check out these miniature areas I was impressed by the sheer variety of lichens in such a small area. I am also always aware of my ignorance, knowing virtually nothing about what I am looking at.  I should really go on an intothehills workshop!

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