By ArcLight


Another bus blip…. Even closer to home this time. I was struck by the way the letters stuck out from the wall when illuminated. So, there we are, it’s my blip.

Another long day, after a not very good night’s sleep. It wasn’t just the beer, it was also the caffeine. I’m a sucker for Campervan’s Standing Tall, which is a stout with black coffee…. Having one around 4 or 5pm yesterday was the functional equivalent to having an espresso at that time. Oh dear. I really shouldn’t mustn’t drink coffee after lunchtime.

In to work at such an early hour that I was disturbing the sparrows during their morning ablutions. I was in an all day online meeting (well, it was scheduled for all day, but actually we curtailed it soon after lunchtime which allowed me to get a load of things done). Same tomorrow, but with more report writing involved. It will be fine. A couple more online meetings, and then the reason why I went to work at all, which was to issue a welcome to some people who had come to UoE for a conference organised by a colleague.

Luckily the buses and the traffic were not so appalling as the other day when it took me an hour to get home at that time, and after a bit of a wait outside OC, I managed a 7 to George Street and then transferred to a 10, which got me home before 8pm. I mean…it’s not great as I left the house just after 7am… But it was a productive day, although, as I said, we go again tomorrow, but this time at home.

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