Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Cuckoo-pint - and cow parsley and Mrs Swan again

AKA wild arum lily. Blipped in Inch Park after the first in a course of nature walks to be held there. I was actually privileged to see this: we had been told about it by the community centre manager, but didn't manage to find it. However, I met the manager after everyone else had left - and he took me to it. So no doubt the others will be envious when I tell them next week. I'm probably the least knowledgeable of the group, so I'm pleased to have seen something that they haven't. There's also a fuzzy extra of cow parsley and newly green trees - I hadn't spotted that the camera was on manual focus - oh dear! Anyway, it was all looking so pretty, I wanted to include it. The weather was lovely, sunny at times and warm, unlike yesterday.

I then went to Blackford Pond and of course Mrs Swan was still sitting there on the nest. I've given her another extra in recognition of her patience.

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