By hazelh

Misty May morning in Lochend Park

The haar hung low on Edinburgh early this morning when Mr hazelh and I walked down to Lochend Park. We were hunting goslings for a blip, but my snap of reflections in the pond with photo-bombing wildfowl is much better than any of our photographs of the goose family members.

After our return home and breakfast, I indulged in some work. I submitted an application to run a panel session at a symposium in September, prepared the documentation for the appointment of Rachel's PhD examination team, and whittled down my email backlog.

This afternoon I I decided to switch over my winter and summer wardrobes. Usually at this time of year I pull out my summer clothes and express astonishment that I even dared to wear such rags only seven months ago. Today, I did the same - but also with the regret that I can no longer fit into many of them! I put aside all the clothes that I would continue to wear if only I could, then messaged Caitlin to invite her over to take her pick. Tomorrow I will have to pop out to the shops to buy at least one pair of shorts to replace the three pairs that no longer fit (one bought in a Gap outlet store Denver Colorado in 2007; the other two from Tesco in Nottingham in 2011 during an unexpected Easter heatwave).

Next on the agenda was a spot of gardening. This mainly comprised the transfer of seedlings from small pots into larger ones, then arranging them in the yarden so that our neighbours can water them when we are away.

The parmigiana that I made yesterday for dinner tonight was delicious.

Exercise today: walking (13,020 steps).

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