By Ingeborg


They're certainly wild, I didn't plant them, but they are very welcome in the garden, the bees love them !
For Wild Wednesday with thanks to Cailleach for every Wednesday :-)

Speaking of wild, I love the neighbourhood's squirrels but I was rather sad to find out that one of them had completely wrecked my 2 planters with flower seedlings, making holes and discarding all those delicate seedlings ! I'll have to try to repair but I think at least half of them will perish :-(

Tomorrow's optional Abstract Thursday theme is 'mystery'. Make an image/take a shot that will make people wonder what they are looking at :-) I don't care if you do it almost straight out of camera or edit it or use apps as long as it was taken and made tomorrow and it is not immediately recognisable. The tag will be AT360.

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's damselfly :-)

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