By Myceliumme


Today's best things were
- I went for a walk before starting work, albeit to buy something I needed for work. I could have got the thing for free at work, but the cost of getting there and back in time for my first meeting would have far outweighed the cost of buying the thing (£5).

- I was invited by a colleague who recently got his PhD to a celebration of this. He lives in Dundee, and his invitation riffed on the darker sides of the Jury City. It reminded me that my original blog was called 'I hate Dundee', after a time when I had rocks hurled at me for sounding English.

- I was reminded of a period when each Saturday I'd cycle across town to a primary school to help teach cycling skills. I'd load up my bike with lots of tools, because some of the kids' bikes were in shocking conditions. I'd then do some long-distance training, with the bike still laden. One of these runs was from Dundee to Edinburgh, via Perth: 65 miles in 5 hours 12 minutes of pedalling time, so that's 12·56 mph on average. Not fast, but who cares?

- I was inspired to speak Latin in a team meeting: Nuntio vobis gaudium magnum: habemus insignia nomina. No-one understood. 

- I tidied up and washed dishes after diner. Hence the photo.

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