Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Morning Moon

Waking up early I found this lovely sky-view with the moon lit by the rising sun. And a few hours after blipping this moon, I imagine my BIL from my youngest sister passing by from this scene of cloudlets and moon.
Later on in the morning I learned from my youngest sista that her man passed away early this morning. 

Peter was my other BIL, my BIL who stayed in Vietnam, even after his family had returned to Holland; actually I haven't met him often and it's just sad for him that he's not been able to live his pensioned life to the full. He'd come early this year with his Vietnamese ladyfriend to Holland for treatment here; but the doctors couldn't but repeat the diagnosis from the Vietnam doctors: beyond cure your illness is. 

Thank you all lots and lots for your reactions of recent! 
And OH it's Friday already, so another weekend is about... Happy Weekend to you all!! 

Backblip 2

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