Towhee from down under...

Needed a bit of laughter after another challenging day on the road. In the extra is a truck that obviously didn't see the THREE signs over two miles that said the right lane was an exit only. He turned on his turn signal at the last moment. I am blipping this to let you know what I have been trained by 4 safety departments AND dozens of "what if" real crash videos and how to avoid them over the years - along with preventing liability for the driver. (This is in the USA) First - I have the legal right of way - as long as I maintain my speed. What gets a driver in trouble is if they change lanes and hit a car or cause a wreck - the driver becomes at fault. If a driver hits the brakes hard to let this driver in - and is rear ended - he can be found partially at fault. If this driver moves over and hits me - it is his fault.

Of course the natural thing to do is try and help this driver as he may be from out of state, doesn't know the road, wasn't paying attention, or.. To many times to count, I have taken exits that I didn't want to because I was in the wrong lane. I have taken many No Truck Routes because I have missed a turn. I have had a police escort twice that I can remember to get me out of a place I shouldn't have been in - once in California and the other in Utah. Most people have probably seen THAT CAR that swerves three lanes to take the exit, stops in the middle lane to change lane, and.. All so dangerous and leads to many wrecks.. Please pay attention to the road signs - no they are not always right - but most of the time they are.

The bottom photo is the amount of money the company spent on fuel for the truck this morning. This will last about 3 working days.

TGIF and Time for the weekend!

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