By Mikey88


It's been a beautiful day and any clouds cleared as the evening drew on. I went down to the river to try for a picture that caught the peace of the evening and the lights of Saltash.

The valley was full of birdsong when I arrived and as the light faded, it gradually died down until all I could hear was an owl hooting across the river. Surprisingly, there were canada geese flying through the near darkness, their honking tumbling out of the night sky. I also saw my first bat of the year flitting through the sky.

One by one, the street lights came on and as it got darker, the lights in the house windows began to show up. Occasional passing cars added their lights to some of the streets and they began to silhouette the railway bridge.

I was hoping a train would come over the bridge. There was supposed to be one at about twenty past nine, but I waited until half past and nothing arrived so I went home for a cup of tea.

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