By spannarama


Got up a little earlier today, to go for a blood test before work.  Bit of a rainy walk there and back, but a super speedy appointment - I'd barely sat down in the waiting area before being called in, then three quick vials of blood later, I was on my way back home again.

Spent the entire work day trying to build a Power BI report.  So frustrating!  I finally realised, right towards the end of the day, that I'd selected the wrong field to join the two datasets, hence constantly getting 'null' in the results.  Satisfying to finally work it out and build the report correctly before going into the weekend.

There was some lovely light out the back of the flat while I was cooking dinner this evening.  I grabbed my camera and took a first shot - then the sun was suddenly gone, and didn't return.  So this will have to do.

Nice relaxed evening with Tim and another episode of Outer Range, and a big (for me) glass of red. 

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