Robin at large

By Robin

Beside the seaside

Another visit to Stonehaven. It looked like a nice sunny day so it seemed a good opportunity to visit the seaside.

Some local residents may have read of the saga of the seafood stall this week. Due to engineering works in the harbour the stall has had to move to different locations in the harbour. When it moved to a location just to the left of the far side of this picture some local residents managed to get it shut down.

The construction site has made some room for it near its original location, just behind me as I took this picture, enabling the stall to reopen. We stopped at the stall to buy a fish baguette with salad.

Perhaps not a good choice. We found a bench to sit on but there was a howling gale with lettuce flying into the harbour. The baguette was nice but the weather was not. That there was a very cold wind was apparent from the fact we were soon the only people sturdy enough to be in the vicinity. Everybody else had disappeared in search of shelter.

Baguette consumed we decided we were not dressed for winter and should return to the shelter of the car, which unfortunately was parked quite a distance away.

Sunshine in Scotland is soon away to be replaced by cloud and a cold wind. The afternoon added periodic showers to the mix.

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