This is the day

By wrencottage

Dog tired

A happy, hectic day, comprising an unannounced visit by our second son and his family to see the traveller, impromptu sandwiches all round, ball games and bubble blowing in the garden, lunch and the completion of a school project homework (expertly supervised by the traveller, who was glad to help his 4-year old niece, whom he hadn’t seen since she was two.) Lots of laughter and teasing, and later on a wonderful FaceTime with our other son and his family, who arranged for the traveller to join them on holiday at Center Parcs next week. Grandpa and I are now exhausted but so happy and full of contentment.

I took many, many photographs of course, but mostly family pictures, so instead I will post a photo of this dog rose in our back garden. It was a toss up between that and my wildflower garden, but maybe I’ll do that another day. 

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