One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Finn has known for about two months that this year's Religion assignment, which will count towards his Junior Cert results, is to make a structure representing a famous religious building or place of worship. 
So obviously he mentions in passing on Saturday afternoon that the deadline for the submissions was 'yesterday at 2pm' 
Don't think he'll get full marks for Planning & Timeliness on this one... 
He should however perform pretty well in the Team Management section. He had his mother and sister rushing to the supermarket to get ingredients for his sponge-cake-Kaaba (no it's not a bus parked in Tallaght with all the wheels stolen). He also got his sis to do most of the baking. There was a lot of laughter and slagging emanating from the kitchen, as well as a surprisingly appetising smell of freshly made sponge cake. 
The laughter died down rapidly when I told them that there was no way I was going to clean the whole kitchen, that the cleaning of everything, down to the last spoon, was an integral part of the religion project. 
What I thought I heard muttered under a teenager's breath didn't sound like a psalm... 

Anywhere, there it is. Finn's Kaaba. Getting photographed to be emailed to the religion teacher barely 48 hours after the deadline. 

His initial plan was to do the Sagrada Familia or the Sacre Coeur or the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (where money and silicon boobs are worshiped) but even him couldn't get his sister to bake that much. 

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